New specialist article on subsidiarity in church administration

The latest issue of KVI im Dialog (3/16) incliudes an article…
8. August 2016/by Thomas de Nocker

Application possible – Symposium on the implementation of administration managers on 10.10.2016 in Cologne

I warmly invite all interested people to a symposium on Monday,…
7. August 2016/by Karo de Nocker

New premises

I have moved into new premises in Essen in an office community…
17. July 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Panel discussion on agility and stability in administrative actions

The MACH AG will host a Congress on Innovative Management in…
17. July 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Fireside chat in Bethel

I was invited to a fireside chat without an actual fireside at…
17. July 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Developments in pastoral care and administration – Lecture at he information forum “Kirche, Geo & IT” (church, geography & IT)

The Westernacher Solutions AG hosts a conference for church…
30. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker – 7.500 homepage visitors in the first six months

The homepage has been online since the beginning…
30. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Support from the Caritas Innovation Advisory Board

I have been presiding over the Innovation Advisory Board of…
30. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Speech on the Wilken church congress

I was invited to the church congress of the Wilken company…
30. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Looking back at a lecture evening on the social and health sector’s sustainability

I was invited to give a lecture at the FOM-study centre in Marl…
30. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Strategy day with a foundation for development cooperation

On 17 April 2016 I hostet a strategy day with the board of trustees…
30. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Shaping Christian organisational culture

Paul Hüster, Hans Hobelsberger and Andreas Hellwig edit an antholgy…
11. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Looking back at the KVI-Conference in Mainz 2016

I gave a presentation on the sustainability of church asministatrion…
11. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Job opportunities for philosophy graduates

The German Philosophy Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für…
4. June 2016/by Karo de Nocker

“This economy kills” – Evening of discussion of the BKU and AEU

The Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs (Bund katholischer…
26. May 2016/by Karo de Nocker

20 Future vision projects are being put to test

I attended a meeting of the future vision proejct of the diocese…
26. May 2016/by Karo de Nocker

Comparative organizational structure of the 47 general vicariates and federal state curches

A recently published article by me takes into account the organigrams…
30. April 2016/by Thomas de Nocker

New article on the sustainability of church administrations

The latest issue of the online magazine futur2 for strategy and…
27. April 2016/by Karo de Nocker


My name is Thomas Suermann de Nocker and I am professor for general business studies, especially strategic management and sustainability at the FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management. The FOM University of Applied Sciences is Germany’s biggest private university of applied sciences with about 35,000 students and has its headquarter in Essen.

I did my doctorate in Pastoral Theologie at the Catholic-Theological Department of the University of Münster in 2011. My thesis on the cooperation of strategic consultancies and Catholic Dioceses was graded “summa cum laude” and awarded with the Paul-Nordhues-Caritaspreis.

I have worked as consultant on organisational matters since 2010 – as employee of large consulting companies as well as freelancer. My consultancy emphasis is on the non-profit sector, especially church and charitable institutions.

I live in Essen with my wife and my children. You can best contact me via .

Further details on my CV can be found here.