Denominational social and health institutions, including child daycare centers, face economic competition. Yet, they  have an ethical task as charitable church-related organizations. This Christian profile needs to be brought to life even under aggravated economic circumstances.

When reviewing actions taken to shape a profile, one must consider their economical consequences as well as their theological dimensions; a multi-disciplinary view is necessary.

References on projects in denominational  social, health and educational institutions in sponsorship of orders or the official church are available.

Typical questions:

Example questions could be:

  • How does the claim for a Christian profile show in the unique situation of a single institution?
  • How does the claim for a Christian profile show in certain occupations, even those that do not deal directly with patients or clients?
  • How can a strong Christian profile influence economically relevant factors?
  • How do employees, residents, patients etc. perceive the given Christian profile and where do they see a need for action?
  • How do emplyees etc. feel about the current actions taken to shape the profile?
  • How can the employees’ “inner profile” be used to develop a general profile basis?
  • How can the merger process of denominational instituions be supported by reflecting upon a value-based, Christian corporate culture?
  • How can the advancement of a Christian profile be made a mandatory aim for executives?

Support options

Different ways of support can be offered as required:

A kick-off presentation can call attention to a certain aspect of the topic of shaping the profile

Example project: Brief presentation at a management conference

A jointly developed concept can illuminate and coordinate specific actions taken to shape the profile

Example project: Designing a concept for a social enerprise running hospitals as well as nursing homes, in which actions to shape the profile were created for certain institutions specifically as well as for all institutions in general

In an extensive series of workshops expectations and requirements for shaping the profile can be gathered

Example profile: Definition of a profile, based on religious pedagogy and valid across sponsors, in preparation of coordinating a profile framework for child daycare institutions

An evaluation can provide an overview over the efficiency of certain actions

Example project: Evaluation of a project for shaping the profile regarding its weaknesses and strengths as well as possible consequential actions

Need for development can be defined through interviews with employees and executives

Example project: Guided interviews focussing on the importance of personnel management while developing the profile

External moderation of a conference or workshop

Example project: Moderation of a panel discussion at a management conference

External process coordination helps to implement certain special projects

Example project: Development and coordination of modules for a management target agreement