New article in the “Herderkorrespondenz” 06/17

A fundamental article by me on the introduction of administration manageres will be published in the June issue of the Herderkorrespondenz. Which ways do dioceses take to relieve priests of administration duties and support volunteers in administration? Which chances and risks follow? How can the changes be evaluated theologically? Enjoy reading!

New article on pastoral structures in Germany and future developments

A lecture I gave last autumn has been published as an article. It describes the Catholic pastoral structure in Germany. Its title is “Recent developments in pastoral landscapes. Between greater parishes, parish assemblies and new pastoral areas”. Here is the link for downloading the text.

Manuscript of lecture in Rome online

I attended the first “Festival on Church Management” at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome in March. The manuscript of my lecture can be downloaded here in English or Italian. A “real” publishing will follow.

Happy Easter!

I wish you happy and blessed easter!

Programme for church management conference is fixed

I will give a lecture and participate in a panel discussion at the “International Festival of Creativity in Church Management” in Rome in March. The conference programme is now available on its homepage.

Students’ evaluation of winter term 2016/17 at FOM

The results of the students’ evaluation of my lectures at FOM University are there. They can be viewed here.

Announcement of church management conference

There is a short article on the upcoming church management conference at Lateran University Rome, in which I will participate, on the homepage of the FOM university.

Panel diskussion at order conference

On the Solidaris order conference on 9 March 2017 I participated in a panel discussion on the topic “Taking the right steps today”. Other participants were:

Sisster Anna-Luisa Kotz
Missionary procurator of the cooperatice of the  merciful sisters of Holy Vinzenz of Paul in Untermarchtal e.V., Untermarchtal

Sister M. Josefine Lampert ISA
Administration manager and board member of the Immakulata sisters of the Seraphic Apostolate Cloister Brandenburg / Iller e.V., Dietenheim-Regglisweiler

Mrs. Stephanie Kirsch
Manager of retirement home GmbH of the Cellitins of Holy Mary, Köln

Dr. Relinde Meiwes
Historian and author, Berlin

Mr. Hans Jörg Millies
Financial and human ressources board of German Caritasverband e.V., Freiburg

New article published: Perception of the challenges in office of general vicars

In the recent issue of KVI im Dialog (Feb. 17) there is an article by me. I evaluated how general vicars perceive their challenges in office. New findings for personell development can be derived from the results. The full article can be downloaded here.


City church development Mannheim

Mannheim, the second biggest city in Germany’s second biggest diocese set out. Together with a colleague, I support  their Futuresprocess City-CHURCH-Future.