Church faces extensive changes, also regarding its administration. All arising questions must inevitably be approached from an economic administrational perspective as well as a pastoral perspective. If one of these views is ignored, no lasting effect can be achieved.

References on projects in different Catholic dioceses  and Protestant federal state churches are available.

Typical questions

Questions could be::

  • How can future administration efforts be estimated und which consequences can be deduced for further stategic development?
  • How can administrational cooperation between different legal entities be shaped appropriately?
  • How can financial and personnel resources be appropriately distributed between different fields of work within a diocese or federal state curch?
  • How can administration structures be adapted in a way that ensures support of on-site pastoral work even with declining financial ressources?
  • How can the growing load of administration duties be reduced for pastors and volunteers?
  • How do administration tasks change in a church that explicitly wants to be more than just a supplier of services?
  • How can transparency in financial and adminitsrational processes be improved?
  • How can procedure and process organization in large church administration units, as general vicariates or  federal state church departments, be adapted to future challenges?
  • How can a change process be carried out in a participatory way and how should accompanying communication measures be designed?

Suport options

Different ways of support can be offered as required:

A kick-off presentation on a certain specialist topic can be part of a symposium

Example project: Critical consideration of different concepts for discharging pastors of administrational duties

A moderated strategical conference can be a milestone in a change process

Example project: Review of the organizational structure of an episcopal ordinariate

A workshop on a certain specialist topic can generate the necessary information to make pending decisions

Example project: Possible designs of an allocation formula for transferring financial ressources to parishes

A concept design on a certain strategic or specialist question can illuminate situations from an impartial external perspective

Example project: Future prospects on sponsorship and administration of church daycare institurions

An external expert can support a long-term change process and give new impulses from this perspecitve

Example project: Comprehensive redesign of the administration structure for territorial pastoral care

An external project coordinator can assume process responsibility for single change projects

Example project: Reorganization of a church administration unit including descriptions of future  process flows