Churches are changing. In all dioceses and federal state churches, new pastoral guidelines and initiatives are being developed: visions for the future, pastoral concepts or other euphoric initiatives. Simultaneously, there are many pastoral structures that are being changed within territorial as well as categorical pastoral care.

Support from outside can be useful with many of these impulses.

References on various church-related projects are available.

Typical Questions

Example questions could be:

  • How can as many baptized members as possible be enabled to participate?
  • Which frameworks and options are suitable?
  • How can pastoral demands and visions be brought in line with limited resources?
  • Which basic criteria can help to choose which church service should or should not be financed in the future?
  • How can the preparation, implementation and review of mergers be supported?
  • How can the overall change process be arranged?
  • How can the efficiency of a change aspect be reviewed?

Support options

Different ways of support can be offered as required:

A kick-off presentation can call attention to a certain question

Example project: Brief presentation on prognosticating the proportion of administrative costs out of the available total funds

An analysis can present certain data and information in order to support decision making

Example project: Total account of property costs

A series of workshops can address controversial decisions in a constructive way

Example project: Prioritization (and posteriorising) of church’s scopes of duty

Good change-management can minimize resistance against change processes

Example project: Support of mergers of territorial and categorical pastoral care

Evaluation of a pastoral (pilot-)project can deliver important information to decide for or against a continuation

Example project: Accompanying and conclusive evaluation of the provision of financial resources in a pastoral innovation field