Non-profit organizations face a variety of challenges that make their management and development more difficult: This sector is characterized by growing financial pressure while expectations in the quality of professional services are high due to its explicit ethical claims. Both factors must be brought in line. While management respnosibility is delegated to few, there often are a big number of mostly volunteers who expect and need to co-determine fundamental decisions in non-profit organizations like societies, associations or foundations. Thus, one can see fundamental differences towards management and control of private companies. All non-profit organizations must constantly monitor their own work in order to maintain a lasting effect. Therefore, changes and developments require strategic decisions.

I have extensive experience in consulting non-profit organizations, inter alia as member of Capgemini Consulting’s competency area „Organizational design“.

References on projects in foundations, associations, societies and a state-funded media provider are available.

Typical Questions:

Example questions could be:

  • Which challenges does the management take on?
  • How can specific consequences for the tasks at hand be derived from the organization’s fundamental aims?
  • How can efficiency be raised through organizational changes?
  • How can projects or initiatives can be evaluated?

Support options:

Different ways of support can be offered as required:

An expert opinion on organizational structures can show strengths and weaknesses of an organisation regarding certain pre-defined aspects

Example project: Assessment of a foundation regarding its administration structures

Through an organizational development process, consequences for action can be derived from the identified strengths and weaknesses

Example project: Redesign of the organizational structure of a society

A moderated strategic workshop can help to review given organizational structures and aims

Example project: Strategic development of a charity association

An evaluation can help to analyse the success of a certain project

Example project: Evaluation of a fundraining initiative